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Many of our couples find us via word of mouth, in chat rooms, on wedding forums or via the Better Business Bureau.  Others land on our site after surfing the internet for hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months. Occasionally a family member stumbles on our site and refers the couple that way.

However you found us, WELCOME!  

Our promise is to treat you like family, for indeed you are!   When sharing a rite of passage
such as a wedding, or a milestone such as a vow renewal, the most natural thing in the world
is to relate to us just like you do your own family.  The Hawaiians have a term for this, 
they call it Calabash.  There is the family of the blood and the family of the heart and both are equal.

Here are a few thank you notes from some of our Calabash family on the date we received them!
December 28th, 2011:
Aloha Leah,
We made it home safely!  Such a long plane ride, we're so tired.  But
glad we got to experience it all there in Hawaii.  Got home and
watched the video and looked at the pictures over and over again.  We
loved them all!  You and Mike were awesome.  Thanks again for
November 11, 2011
Well we are back to the real world....   
We just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we were that we found you and Mike!!!  
You made our wedding better then we could have ever dreamed it to be.  Words can't even begin to 
tell you how much we loved having you marry us.  You made the entire time that we planned the 
wedding so effortless and painless that it was a joy!!!  If anyone ever tells us that they are going 
to get married you are the first person we tell them about.  Leah you are the BEST!!!  
Thank you again, and when we think about our beautiful wedding we will always think of you and
Mike and how perfect you guys made it, and we will think of you with love!
October 24, 2010
Dear Leah and Mike,
We just wanted to thank you for everything that you did for us for our  
Wedding on September 17, 2010.  You both did a wonderful job with  
helping us plan the Wedding and making our special day come true.  We  
could not have asked for better pictures and the DVD is done so  
professionally capturing our memories for years to come.  All of our  
friends and family had a great time and only positive things to say.   
The whole experience was nothing but great and Rob and I would like to  
thank you for that.  It's hard to plan a wedding from across the ocean  
but you Leah made it easy and very stress free.  From the limo to the  
location every thing was wonderful.  Please pass on our thanks to the  
Officiant, the limo driver and to Mike for helping make a life time of  
memories, and Rob and I would like to give you a special thank you for  
all your hard work and dedication that made our dreams come true.
..........See you in 10 years for the renewal of our Wedding Vows.
With warmest wishes,
Rob and Ian 
October 21, 2010
Dear Leah & Mike,
Aloha from a very cold UK!
Thank you so much for arranging our wedding. It was simply amazing. You made us feel 
so relaxed & welcome we truly couldn't have wished for anything more perfect.
The photo's & DVD are also both fantastic!! 
 Although our families couldn't come to Hawaii with us, now they've watched the 
DVD they feel as though they were there. We toasted the wedding again yesterday 
with Martine's mum even though we had only landed a few hours before & were both 
pretty heavily jetlagged! 
 Thanks again, the ceremony and memories you have given us are truly priceless.
 Kevin & Martine 
And finally, we will definitely be back to your beautiful Island, hopefully in the
not too distant future, just off to check out lotto numbers!!
October 14, 2010
Hi Leah and Mike!!
I thought you might both appreciate this .... I entered our wedding video in the Destination Weddings 
video contest and WE WON!  Gonna use our winnings to buy a new digital camera (as we broke 
ours on the honeymoon in Hawaii)!! 
Thanks again for all the hard work you both put in to make our day so memorable!!
Tracy  :o)
September 20, 2010
Aloha e Leah and Mike,
We received the package last week and wanted to write and say ‘Mahalo nui loa’ for all of your 
kokua during our wedding planning as well as the ceremony.
Ok so, the video made me cry. It is so beautiful! How did you know that Lei Hali`a is my favorite 
song? Lei Hali`a (lei of memories) is what I dance to whenever I am missing my Mom, so it 
means a lot to me. What a perfect video! 
You two did a great job. We appreciate all of your efforts and our wedding day was ‘simply’ perfect. 
So we will try and renew our vows yearly, (did I just say yearly?) and will definitely 
come to you. 
I will also spread the word about your business to my halau connection here in the mainland. 
Pls. extend my deepest gratitude to our Kahu. We love him, he was so gentle and kind. 
The harpist did a great job too…
Thanks again and malama pono.
A hui hou,
Kahiau & Chris
November 17, 2009
Dear Mike & Leah,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing wedding we had.
Leah, thanks for you patience in answering all my 10,000 questions and thanks for the 
beautifull pictures.
Mike, well Mike we don't know what to say to you. The dvd is just breath taking 
beautifull, you over exceeded our expectations. Marvelous job! Thank you so 
much guys for making our wedding so beautifull. 
Aloha, Lizayra & Cesar, Aruba
September 18, 2009
Leah and Mike,
I just wanted to take moment and let you know just how very thankful Travis, myself and my 
family are for all of your hard work and kindness throughout our entire wedding process. 
I have never met 2 such wonderful people in my life. You guys truly made our wedding 
day better and easier than ever expected. The compassion and joy you show to your 
customers is just out of this world. I hoped that going into a destination wedding I 
would have been at ease, and I can assure you, we all were! We felt like the 
most fortunate couple of 09-09-09 to be married. We KNOW for a fact that we 
had the best wedding that day! 
I can assure you that should anyone ever ask about our wedding and need to 
inquire about their own destination wedding, we will forever highly recommend 
you. Please go to sleep every night for the rest of your life knowing that you 
2 people are truly amazing, and are the absolute best at what you do. We 
will never forget you and all you have done for us.
Thank you again!!!
Much love,
Travis and Jenna 
August 17, 2009
Hi Leah and Mike!
 Andrew and I have just returned home and we have just looked at our video!...  WOW, I
 would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Leah and Mike sooo much for both your 
personal services with our wedding day!  I couldn't have asked for anyone better than the 
both of you as you have made our day so special with your personalised service where 
you made us feel like family! xoxox
Leah, the pictures came out so beautiful and really capture the essence of Hawaii!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Leah and Mike!  xoxoxox!
Seu and Andrew 
September 9, 2009
Hello Leah and Mike,
We wanted to take a few minutes and express our gratitude to the both of you 
for making our wedding such a blessing.  Every bride has a fear to let someone
 else plan her wedding and especially so far away.  Leah...you took everything 
this bride wanted and presented it into a lovely wedding.  The setting at Waialae 
Beach was so beautiful.  Mike...the video was so nice and the extra footage 
really gave you a true feeling of Hawaii.  The whole experience was like a fairy tale...thank you.
Scott and Cindy 
July 5, 2009 
Hi Mike & Leah,
Thanks so much for giving us a fantastic wedding experience.  Starting with the minute April 
contacted you we felt your warmth, enthusiasm, compassion, friendliness and professionalism. 
It certainly lessened our stress knowing you had everything taken care of.  The video and 
pictures are wonderful.  We can't wait to show them off to our friends and family.  Take care 
and we hope to see you in the future.
Have a Safe & Healthy Day!   
April 17, 2009
HI Leah
I just want to say thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much from the 
bottom of my heart you made my day sooo special and you organised it better 
than I ever could, you were so professional and kind at the same time and I 
appreciate everything you done for us.  I really enjoyed myself and was so 
happy with the photos and  totally believe you on how Michael is the best 
videographer in the whole entire world.  Want to hear something funny i 
bumped into the English bride you married at a coffee shop near our hotel 
just after she got married how funny is that I went up to her coz scott over 
heard them talking and I said did you just get married by leah and she said 
you so much, if the flight wasn’t soooo long i would be flying back to Hawaii 
every weekend if I could.
Love you to bits
Marlene, Scott and Annabelle
February 4, 2009
Hi Leah & Mike
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get in contact with you but I would like to thank you both 
so very much for making our wedding day so special.  It was the best day ever.  Every
part of the event was wonderful even our rehearsal Leah in the Hilton Waikiki car park 
was the best laugh.
You arranged everything perfectly and as you said “there won’t be a dry eye when 
people watch the DVD”.  How true that was.  The first day we saw it both Harry and
I shed lots of tears, (actually we had to watch it 5 times in one day) because of 
friends and relatives coming in to see us.  Everyone was very surprised that we 
had eventually got married.  Most of them said had they known they would have came 
with us for the ceremony had they know about it.
Can I once again thank you both very much and tell you I think of you often
living and working in such a beautiful place, which truly is the American Dream.  
What a great job you must have making so many people so very happy.  If you 
ever need an assistant to carry your bags just let me know.
I hope this finds you both well.  Love and Best Wishes for the future.
January 13, 2008
Aloha Leah
I have been thinking about you, it's kinda of weird, I miss our email correspondence.
It's been a few months since the wedding and married life is great. I must tell 
you I love looking at the photos you took, as well as the DVD. So glad that we 
decided to have it recorded. Not sure if you remember but, if you ever want to 
use our photos for your website, by all means, it would be our pleasure to 
share. Thank you so much again for being such a blast to work with. You certainly made 
our day very special. I keep telling Natalie Russ who is getting married April 
25, 2008, that she in good hands with you both. 
Look forward to hearing from you.
Miss ya    Hugs   Kristina
December 10, 2007
Hi Leah and Mike
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in making our day special.  We had a great day and 
loved Hawaii so much we've already started saving for next year.  We still can't believe (and 
neither can anyone else) just how cost effective you were.  We actually thought that something 
mught go wrong because of how reasonable you were.  Everything was perfect and we'd do it all again
if we could.  Everyone loves the photos and the DVD and we've shown all the family who think
it's lovely so thankyou again.  
Love & Hugs
Jayne & Daryl
P.S  I've already given your card to a colleague who was thinking of getting married in Hawaii 
and when I showed him the photo album and gave him the website address I think that made 
his mind up xxx
November 18, 2007
Hey gurl,
You guys deserve every bit of praise.  I'm not sure what the service industry in general 
is like in Hawaii, but in Minnesota we're thrilled if we received 3/4 of what we're promised
 at the time of purchase.  Work ethic? What's that?  I've been "babysitting" a crew of 
painters, carpenters and carpet layers since we moved into this home at the end of June
 - and I am sooooo glad they're done and gone.  Every day was a soap opera :-) Anyway,
the point is that we were so pleased with your professionalism and we truly enjoyed 
working with you and wanted to make sure you knew this.  We hung out with friends 
last night and showed them the DVD and pictures - there were a lot of "Oh's and Ah's" !
Our best to you,
Suzy and Ben
November 13, 2007
Hi Guys
You probably wont remember myself Rachael or my husband Darren we got
married on May the 4th 2005.  I appreciate you do so many weddings so 
may not recall this day.  However you made it memorable for us forever.  
Photos were fantastice and videography was so moving it brings the day 
back completely everytime I watch it. Still this shows you how long I have
been thinking about thanking you both for being talented, humorous and 
very kind to us on our day.
Thank you  X
Rachael and Darren Thomas
October 28, 2007
I popped over to your website to post a comment, but I didnt see where I could do that.  
So, here is my comment:

I am SOOOOOO glad we went with Leah and Mike!  They took all the 
stress out of getting married without losing any of the romance, the 
sparkle, or the fun!  When you met us at the licensing bureau, you 
were just the MOST beautiful and upbeat lady we could have hoped 
for.  Thank you so much for helping us, I would recommend this route 
for anyone wanting to get married in Hawaii. Why not take the hassle out of it, by letting
 this AMAZING couple do what they do best?  Then, you can do what we did!  
Shop, tour, and lazy on the beach while someone else worries about the details!
We LOVE you guys!!
Mahalo and Aloha
Regina and Roman 
September 24, 2007
I’m trying to send out my thank you cards. Also, if you need an 
additional gushing testimonial as to your greatness, please let 
me know! You are FOREVER in our hearts. We watch our DVD 
weekly and have looked at our pictures hundreds of times.
March 26, 2006
Leah and Mike, 
I wanted to drop a note to tell you both that we are home safely, 
and quickly remembering how cold Colorado is compared to Oahu.  
Let me also say that the experience that you two provided was magical.  
We pulled off the surprise, thanks to your clandestine deliveries, Leah.  
The whole celebration was perfect, the limousine ride, the vows, the music, 
even the weather (you can take credit for that too.)  The pictures and the 
video were equally as spectacular.  Because of the professionalism and 
quality, it's hard to believe that this was conceived only a couple of days 
prior to the event itself.  
Bless you both for the love you give and the work you do.
Best wishes, 
Jeff and Dana Kohls
March 26, 2006
Every women dreams her wedding day as a perfect event, a perfect tale. You 
made it come true and I want to thank you, we want to thank you on a absolutely
perfect job. Leah, what would i have done without you? You were there for me 
the whole month and a half even before the wedding lol, and every time i  called
you were there to say " dont you worry everything will be spectacular" You 
were right, everything was perfect indeed. What made this ceremony of love
so great was the fact that you became a friend to both of us, you showed 
and assured us of your commitment to our wedding and that took a lot of  
stress away. The pictures and the video showes that both of you are such
professionals. Thank You from the bottom of our happy lil' hearts ! 
Enes and Amela 
September 27, 2005
hi leah got home safe watched the dvd, made us cry. photos great. 
thanks for making it a fantastic day we will remeber for the rest of our
lives, you made a little girls dreams come true, we will return in the future.
aloha paul, wendy    
September 1, 2005
Aloha, this is Nate & Laura celebrating our 4th anniversary today.  We watched our 
wedding video as we always do on our special day, and just want to say to you two, 
that it is soooo awesome how you captured OUR day!! You guys are did a fantastic 
job and we just wanted to say many mahalos for your outstanding work!  
Nate and Laura Graff  (16th Tee at Kaneohe Klipper, 9/1/2001) still in the islands