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About Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals:

When we started in the mid eighties, there were only a few wedding companies, but soon demand created new ones and we welcomed them all. Wedding companies come and go and the best ones remain.  Our reputation for excellence and over the top personal service through the years brings us enough work to keep us busy and referrals make up a large part of our business. We have been doing this so long that we have had the pleasure of watching kids growing up!  Most of us who love what we do bend over backwards to ensure that our couples get the wedding of their dreams and most of the good people in this industry are dedicated to the happiness of their couples, so rest assured that when you find a company that feels right, it most likely is!  Trust your instincts!

And now for one final thought, as one who has been married myself to the same guy forever: whether you are contemplating a wedding in Hawaii or a Vow Renewal to remind your beloved that your devotion is timeless, we would be honored to share the experience with you and we extend our heartfelt Mahalo for considering Hawaiian Eye Weddings. Marriage is the perfect testament to faith in true love.  
Leah Noble
Hawaiian Eye Weddings

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